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Tulsa Segway is the ONLY Segway Authorized dealer in Oklahoma and we provide Sales, Service, a Corporate Lease Program and Personal Financing. Give us a call, or complete this quick questionnaire so we can better serve your needs. A Tulsa Segway associate will follow up with your inquiry and provide a personalized quote. If you know what you want and just want to get financed, click here!

  • Segway i2
  • i2 Logistics Package
  • Segway x2
  • Segway i2 with Left Side Open Top Bin

Tulsa Segway® Sales Questionnaire

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone #
  3. Email
  4. Address, City, State, Zip
  5. How are you planning to use your Segway?
  6. Patrollers: Is this inquiry on behalf of a municipality, EMSA or Law enforcement agency?

  7. Is this inquiry for a business?

  8. How many units do you need?

  9. Would you like to receive Segway rider training for you or your staff?

  10. Are you interested in personal financing or a corporate lease?

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT)

  • A glider is for anyone and everyone who is interested in getting from Point A to Point B in a quickly and efficiently. If your destination is too far to walk, but too short to drive – it's a perfect glide!
  • SegCesseries® are available to keep your hands free and add additional utility.
  • Charge on standard 110V outlet.
  • Lithium ion battery provides long charge and replenishes charge quickly.
  • i2 SE Glides with ease through standard doors and has a 24 mile expected travel time per charge
  • Whether you use the X2 to get around the construction site or take the Silent Hunter model out to the deer camp, you can go off road with the Segway X2 and make traveling rough terrain easy! The Segway X2 SE is great for uneven or rough terrain and has a 12 mile expected travel time per charge.

Tulsa Segway Financing